Strength Unity Discipline

Strength Unity Discipline

Our Philosophy

Strength Unity Discipline

Strength Unity Discipline


Our core values of Strength, Unity and Discipline are the foundation of the long-term development of our players.  GTFC uses these values to develop responsible youth in our community both on and off the field.  

Throughout GTFC’s structure you will find:

  • Players are members of The Greater Toledo Futbol Club, not specifically tied to one team. This promotes fluidity and support between teams. 
  • Consistency in our colors, which means uniformity in appearance for all players and staff.  We are one family of footballers, all wearing the same colors, playing with passion, together.
  • All staff follow a club curriculum that allows our players to be coached and educated in a similar style. This provides our players with consistent mental and physical preparation, terminology, tactics, and overall playing philosophy among our teams.

Our Commitment:

We develop The Total Person through the game of soccer.

By placing players in a competitive and enjoyable environment, we challenge them to make better decisions on and off the field.

Our Core Values:

Strength, Unity, Discipline

Our Mission:

Building the total person through the correlation of life and soccer.

Our Vision:

Every player is a better person for having joined the GTFC family.

Our Results:

The player discovers the value of discipline on the field which leads them to better life decisions off of it.

Our Mission

Building the total person through the correlation of life and soccer.


We build players with strength.  Physical strength to overcome fierce opponents, to remain healthy and to sustain excellence.  Mental strength to ignore elements beyond control, to strive for success and to be great in the arena. 


We build a strong club with the unity of our players, families and coaches.  We are together on and off the field.  Our players always have someone standing behind them, guiding them forward and lifting them up. 


We build players instilled with discipline at all ages.  Discipline begins with organized benches, tucked in shirts and focused teams.  It progresses into players working together on the field and to people making good decisions off the field.