Strength Unity Discipline

Strength Unity Discipline

Our History

History Coaches

History Coaches

History Writeup

The Greater Toledo Futbol Club was founded in 1996 by full time professional coaches with the goal of creating a comprehensive soccer experience.  In our inaugural season, the club consisted of 6 teams including boys and girls who played and trained at the Southwest YMCA and Schneider Fields in Toledo.  With hard work, dedication and positive results the club continued to grow to 35 teams in the fall of 2006.  It was at this time that then Director of Coaching, Mike Aubry made the decision to transition to an all girls club.  From that point forward GTFC earned and developed a reputation of fielding strong, disciplined teams.  In 2013 we again took a step forward absorbing PSC Impact and adding depth and talent to the organization. In 2020 GTFC proudly reunited with their boys program, welcoming the merger of the Toledo Football Academy. Today, GTFC exists with over 1000 players on 5 campuses.  We have over 75 teams, 50 coaches and 8 full-time staff.

Our Mission

Building the total person through the correlation of life and soccer.


We build players with strength.  Physical strength to overcome fierce opponents, to remain healthy and to sustain excellence.  Mental strength to ignore elements beyond control, to strive for success and to be great in the arena. 


We build a strong club with the unity of our players, families and coaches.  We are together on and off the field.  Our players always have someone standing behind them, guiding them forward and lifting them up. 


We build players instilled with discipline at all ages.  Discipline begins with organized benches, tucked in shirts and focused teams.  It progresses into players working together on the field and to people making good decisions off the field.